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My Gym 

So I walk in the gym this morning at 0600 just like any other morning. My workout partner is actually one of my bosses, for lack of better terms. While he’s still in the locker room getting ready, I discovered the crime scene of what was left of our work weight room. Now let me take a slight step back……This weight room was nothing more than some used equipment and nasty carpet and mismatched weights a few years back. No one used it. Can couple years ago we started using the gym and got permission to make improvements. We went big, but it took a minute to get there. When I say big we want a power rack and bench to go with it. We did the typical thing and bid for it and finally got approval. We went with Rogue and have never been happier. Solid equipment and the bench is heavy and sturdy. From there we got new floors, mainly because it flooded, but it worked in our favor. Next thing you know people are using their own money to donate equipment and more and more people are showing up and become invested in the gym.

Back to my original start of the blog. I walk into the weight room and see some funky looking contraption involving a wooded stretch stick and four EliteFTS bands. It looked downright stupid. I couldn’t fathom why some asshat would be doing with it. And then one of our mirrors were broken behind the dumbbells. Wasn’t the first mirror ever broken in there, but they didn’t bother to clean it all up. My point behind this gripe is the thought and effort a few of us put into this gym is not respected by the whole.

In the end this horrific scene was a blessing. We were able to articulate that the dumbbells were not fitting the racks, and this was the cause of the broken mirror. So guess what….brand new dumbbells have been sent out for a bid. I get annoyed with some people from time to time about their care for the weight room, but in the end I can’t be happier with what we have. I have access to two other state of the art gyms and would rather lift in my 400 sq/ft dungeon with loud music and people yelling any day of the week.


Time- Out from Lifting

I know I just started writing about my lifting journey and now I’m writing a post on taking a Time-Out. Well if you read my last post you would understand. It’s vacation time. This means me doing the bare minimum of what is required, enjoying my kids and wife and relaxing. So far we are on day two.

We spent yesterday touring the U.S.S. Alabama, located in Mobile, Alabama. We were able to tour the entire battleship and submarine, not to mention all the airplanes. It was hot and a lot of walking, but it was really cool. I highly recommend it if you are in the area. We spent the night in Mobile and woke up and went to Alligator Alley in Foley, AL. Now this was also a good trip, especially with young kids. It was too expensive and you got to hold baby alligators and snakes. That snake can kiss my ass…I’m not touching that thing. Then it was on to our beach front condo. It’s a beautiful condo over looking clear gulf waters. So from me to you…Bench heavy and enjoy your time off.

Stronger In A Week

Four straight days with no days off of pure heavy lifting. I had to squeeze a week worth of lifting into four days because of my upcoming beach vacation. I’m sure Westside Barbell does not recommend four days straight, but it had to be done. We started with Heavy Legs using EliteFTS orange bands to add some resistance and a home-made box to make things that much more horrible. Louie Simmons recommended doing more sets with less reps (8 sets of 3reps). I was  not expecting this to be as rough as it actually was. I was able to get 265 and finished all my sets and reps, but I was dripping wet and damn near spent. Coach said it should take one hour no more, which was highly stressed. I didn’t believe him.

EliteFTS Orange Bands and homemade box 

It was then on to superseding straight legged deadlifts and walking weighted lunges. I was able to complete the supersets, but my body did not want to cooperate. Everything from the waste down was now hurting, in a good way. And that was day one. It took 45 minutes of pure hell and I squatted 2120lbs, not including the orange bands.

I woke up the next morning at my usual time, 0415, and stumbled to the bathroom. I hurt in areas that I haven’t in a good while. Now I will be honest, I started lifting like every DBag out there and didn’t touch legs. I grew up and came to my senses and started hitting working on them past year or two (minus the times I was running like an idiot). So my legs are not as strong as I’d like, but they will be. With that being said I was excited for doing a heavy upper day. It was similar to lower except we didn’t use bands. It was old school bench press with a 8 set/3 rep count. It was hard and scary. We loaded the bar with 275 and I am still shocked we made it through. There was no assistance from the coach, I pushed every bit of the iron up on my own. After the main workout we hit the secondary and did two superset workouts. The first being close grip incline press and wide grip pull downs. Incline has always been my “go-to” lift. It has been my strongest and this day was no exception. The second superset was cable face-pulls and barbell rows. I was able to complete them all and walked out of that gym not being able to lift a damn thing, including my arms.

The last two days we ventured into Westside’s dynamic workout. Everything was the same as above, except there wasn’t as much weight. Instead we were aiming for explosive lifts. We used EliteFTS red and orange bands for squats and bench and small green bands for deadlifts. Without going into complete detail of every lift, the bands added a touch of

Coach in the white tank. Me on the bench.

humility to the lift. They make you aware of the fact that you HAVE to respect the weight and the form required to lift it. If you jacked around and tried to do a “bounce off the chest,” the bands would snap your arms/body back inline and could hurt you if not prepared. The last two days consist of sore muscles being shocked again by explosive pushes and pulls. It’s like we broke down our muscles and as soon as they started to heal we broke them down again.


My goal is to push the limits each week and increase my lifts by 10lbs per week. I feel this is a reasonable goal, for at least a few weeks. At the end of a fun strenuous week, I will enjoy my week at the beach. Happy lifting.